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Dear Twilight Haters: Bite Me

20 Nov
Oh, I know, they’re not great works of literature. Plus, it’s so hipster to be anti-trend.

Oh, the irony. If they were real, they'd be too hipster for "Twilight," too. You're *so* Bella. Ha!

No doubt, the Twilight series offers plenty of silliness to fuel your disdain. Some of the dialog in that first movie? “Spider monkey?” Are you kidding me? “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob.” I know, right? So dorky.

As for Me?

I am on team “talking to my kids about shared books we’re reading.”

I am on team “put down the wii controller, turn off the TV, stop texting your friends and read a book.”

So yeah, I read all four books in the series. My daughter reads them, too. I’ll probably pull her out of school early today to go see “New Moon.”

When you have a middle-school daughter, you keep those tenuous lines of communication open by whatever means necessary.

We talk about Edward’s stalker tendencies, whether Bella is really making wise choices, what it’s worth to give up for love, and what things of our selves we hold on to.

And we also discuss whether Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner is hotter. Yeah, so? What are you going to do, take my Mother of the Year badge away?

When my daughter was little, I was an expert on Junie B. Jones. Those aren’t great intellectual reads, either. But they were the kindling that fueled her love of books.

With my son, it was the “Spiderwick Chronicles.” When he came to us, at 8, he announced he HATED reading. So we started reading out loud, books that captured the imagination of a second-grade boy.

Now, he loves books so much, he marks on the calendar the day the next volume of the “39 Clues” series will come out. He starts wheedling for a trip to the bookstore as soon as we get within striking distance.

And yes, I read those books, too. Because I want him to know what he values, I value.

And because they know that, when I tell my kids, “try this book,” and hand them something a little meatier, they are more likely to trust me.

So, hate away on the “Twilight” series. I would, but I’ll be too busy giggling conspiratorially with my daughter on the way to the movies.

Also? Team Edward. Like there’s any contest.


Tabled for Discussion

15 Sep

The purse analysis I artfully provided for Janelle earlier this week sparked a follow-up request from my friend Elizabeth, who wanted to know “What’s on your bedside table? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Now, the last time that line actually worked on me, it was uttered by a boy in my kindergarten class. That trip to the supply closet did not go well. Neither did my trip home after the parent-teacher conference that ensued. Oh look, day 15 of blogging every day and we have a complete failure of my internal filter. That’s awesome.

Anyway, back to Elizabeth’s question. Unlike that boy in kindergarten, I think she has nothing but the purest intentions.

So, here is a picture of what’s on my bedside table.


  • My alarm clock, which is industrial-strength since I have worn out 2 snooze buttons on previous alarms.
  • A milk-glass lamp that was my grandmother’s.
  • A copy of The Go-Giver, which I read last week. It was a schmaltzy parable, and I am a wee bit cynical, but I still thought it had some interesting points.
  • An olive oil candle
  • Envelopes from the Emily Morgan Hotel where we had my daughter’s slumber party last weekend. I’m going to mail her and her friend the pictures I took in the pilfered envelopes.
  • The little plastic jar on top of the book used to have 50 pairs of disposable ear plugs in it, because I am the world’s lightest sleeper. I have one pair left.
  • There’s also a highlighter in the jar and some blister treatment for a football-related injury I received weekend before last. Ok, I wore new shoes to the Texas game without socks. It was a long walk to the top of the stadium.
  • On the bottom shelf, there are 4 books: The Bible, a study guide for a sermon series we were doing at church called The StoryTwilight and a travel guide to Wyoming.
  • Finally, a little painting of some wildflowers in a vase that my mom painted me. She is an amazingly talented artist and an even more gifted mother.

Ok, your turn. What’s on your bedside table? Elizabeth wants to know.

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