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“Into the Woods” Definitely A Trip Worth Taking

18 Feb
Full disclosure: we are a family of musical theater nerds, and were delighted when the Woodlawn Theatre invited us to be their guests at a showing of “Into the Woods.”
Photo credit: Siggi Ragnar

Photo credit: Siggi Ragnar

Tight musical harmonies, magical sets, and one of Stephen Sondheim’s most accessible works come to life in San Antonio’s historic Woodlawn Theatre — and they all add up to a don’t-miss local theater performance.

The story pours the traditional fairy tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Rising Hood and Jack in the Beanstalk into a witches cauldron, and stirs them up with a hearty shaking of social commentary and adult humor that looks at the dark side of happily ever after.

All the actors’ performances are solid, but Megan DeYoung’s turn as the Wicked Witch was truly spectacular, and had the audience laughing during her cleverly subversive rap of the “Witches Entrance,” while sighing at the emotional punch of  “Stay with Me,” and “Children Will Listen.” Trevor Chauvin hits the perfect note as Jack, and his “Giants in the Sky,” was a definite high point.

The Woodlawn Theatre itself is rich in history — John Wayne himself hosted the premiere of “The Alamo” there in 1960, and this gem of San Antonio’s Deco District is being lovingly restored bit by bit to its former glory. If you haven’t been down yet to see a show, make the trip for this one.

Into the Woods  runs this through March 16. Tickets are on sale now at www.woodlawntheatre.org or by calling the box office at 210-267-8388. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sundays 3 pm. Tickets cost $15 – $23 with discounts for students, military and SATCO members. Go on a Saturday night, and hang out in the lobby lounge afterwards for “Broadway Nights,” featuring local singers taking their turn in the spotlight. Feel brave enough, and you can bring your own sheet music and sign up for a turn at the mic.


Craziest Thing Ever

13 May

So, as if you needed more evidence that newspapers are in trouble, guess what, y’all? The San Antonio Express-News has asked me to blog on their web site, Mysa.com.

Well, it actually happened like this, Roy Bragg, columnist extraordinaire, sent out a note onTwitter looking for bloggers in San Antonio.

And as my dogs are my witness, I responded, “Umm. This is embarrassing. But I’m kind of awesome.”

Roy was polite enough to say “Oh, I was totally already thinking of you,” which is probably a lie, but a smooth move. Then he even followed that up with “direct message me your email and I’ll send you a pitch letter.”

Which then? AWKWARD. Because Roy was not actually following me on Twitter, so I couldn’t send him a direct message because that is how Twitter protects people from stalkers. And also apparently how they protect Roy from self-promoting bloggers.

So I asked a mutual friend for his email address, but I think she actually hates me because she gave me an email he doesn’t check. (I am ONTO you, Donna.)

And then Roy sent me another message that was all “I’m listening” and had an embedded sound file of him tapping his fingers impatiently, I swear. And finally I had to say “Hello, you are not listening and that is why I can’t DM you, Aggie!” That is how you impress people when you want to blog for a big deal newspaper.

Surprisingly, Roy still wanted me to write a blog, which is how I am going to become rich and famous. Although not actually rich because newspapers are broke, in case you haven’t noticed. So they came up with this “community blogging initiative” which means “get a lot of desperate people to write for us for free.”

As far as I can tell, everyone else seems pretty normal, so I may be the only one Roy sent a detailed list of swear words I could and could not use on the newspaper website. Which hello? I was not going to use anyway because I have to use my real name.  Yes. I know. No, I am not going to publish the list on here. See “have to use my real name” above.

Anyway, go look at my big-time blogging opportunity. Right now I think all that’s there is my 200-word bio. But big things are coming.

Go On. Click Here Right Now.

Oh wait. Now there is also a post there. A post wherein I suggest myself as a Supreme Court nominee and reveal which justices currently go commando under their robes.  Now really, go there and leave a comment or make a campaign contribution.

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