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Let’s Ketchup

9 Jul
Photo on 2013-07-08 at 21.02 #2

I really need to do something about my nails.

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Mostly because well, busy happens.

And once you get out of the habit of regular posting, it feels like you have to have something really AMAZING and IMPORTANT to say to justify posting again. Truth be told, I am only capable of amazing and important about 3 times a year.

But I am starting a writing intensive next week that is focused on creating a culture of student-centered learning when it comes to writing, one where students feel encouraged and safe to be creative, and one of the big components of that is that teachers need to write alongside their students.

So I’m going to work on that here, too. It will not be amazing or important (It probably isn’t those three times a year I think it is anyway).

Now, about that ketchup…

We are in the middle of Operation Reclaim the Backyard right now. San Antonio’s been in the middle of a drought and we have three dogs and the backyard is in such a horrifying state right now that I have been afraid to go back there.

So yesterday, we started with a new fence. It looks great, and the crew who came to work on it was awesome — not just because they were doing quality work, but also? Brought a boom box and at one point in the day were loudly singing along with Katy Perry.

Baby, they were fireworks. For real.

And then, when they left, I went out on the back porch to get the grill ready for dinner, and on my little table out there I found they had left me a gift:

A flowerpot full of all their extra ketchup packets.

So, there’s that. Sometimes you don’t get AMAZING and IMPORTANT. Sometimes, what you get is a flowerpot full of ketchup packets and construction workers singing Katy Perry. ┬áBut that’s pretty cool, too.


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