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Yes, My Child Still Ate the Ice Cream Cone

19 Jun

Jack Russell

No, this is not becoming a dog blog. But this makes me laugh.

We were on the way back from the dog park, and stopped at Dairy Queen to get ice cream cones. While we were waiting for our order, our Jack Russell looked so sad sitting staring at my daughter’s cone.

So I decided to take her picture — at the same time as she decided to stop staring and start licking! (I like how the cone is tilting off to one side like it’s trying to escape.)

A perfect summer moment for saving before it melted away.


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

15 Jun

This isn’t easy to say. Maybe the internet isn’t the place for it.

But I don’t think this relationship is going to last.

I know, I’m as shocked as you are. We’ve been together for a long time, our families are friends. And when we first met, you were a faithful friend, there anytime I needed to pick up the phone. Night or day, didn’t matter. You were there.

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