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We now join NaBloPoMo already in progress…

5 Nov

So, you know, November is NaBloPoMo. Which sounds like something that might be vaguely dirty, but in fact isn’t. Sorry. It’s just a month of posting more to your blog.

And I was going to do this, post every day, get back in the blog routine. But oh, hello November 5 — you kind of snuck up on me! Just like those 4,000 pieces of Halloween candy. Were you guys working together or something? With Zombies?

zombie cheerleader

Zombie Cheerleader is not pleased to discover her candy missing.

So, anyway, I’m going to do this now. NaBloPoMo a little behind schedule. NaBloPoMoSlo, let’s call it.

But today, instead of posting something, I’m going to cheat and send you somewhere else. Go read this post:

My Son is Gay… or not.

Read it.  And then, decide something important. Decide you’re not going to jump to judgement. Decide you are going to be kind and loving to people who are different. No matter what your theology or what you think about “lifestyle choice vs. born that way,” decide you are going to show love.

Decide you are NOT  going to be the one who makes someone feel worthless. Decide you are going to be the one who treats everyone you come into contact with like a precious child of God. Because they are.


Halloween Awesomeness

28 Oct

Sure, we could carve pumpkins with scary faces.

If we were NORMAL.

Alas, we are not.

So, I present to you: The Raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima Pumpkin

Can I tell you how long my husband spent looking through the bucket of soliders for the the right 4 guys?












And, a tribute to Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Pumpkin

And I had the flu while making it. Oh, the irony.









This is what happens when smart-alec journalists marry each other.  Now you know.


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