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Shoe In… Or Shoe Out?

30 Sep
Yeah, whatever, I know I'm too old for these.

Yeah, whatever, I know I'm too old for these.


I have a little bit of a weakness for unexpected shoes. Tonight, saw these Ed Hardy shoes. Wanted these. Dismissed these as “age inappropriate.” Went back to visit them on the shelf again. Tweeted. Weighed opinions.

Like Nicole, who said “don’t make me call you a douchebaguette.”

Jennifer first advised that I look for Stuart Weitzmann instead, then said “those are so you.”

Another tweeting friend asked where I got them and would I care if she copied me.

And Bren helpfully informed me,  “You know there’s a whole song called “Eff Ed Hardy.”

Then I bought the shoes.

And now, because the audience participation is so much fun and I want to try a poll, why don’t you vote?

But guess what. Here’s what I’m figuring out about myself after 4 decades here. Regardless of your votes cast here today, I love the shoes. I will unapologetically wear the shoes. Be fine with that, or not. It’s cool either way.

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