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Love Letters from the Fifth-Grade Hallway

14 Feb
Valentine Poem

Valentine Poem

Valentine’s Day in fifth grade can be a treacherous affair.

Budding hormones + sugar + social ineptitude = conditions for a perfect storm of drama and hurt feelings.

But sometimes, the the middle of all that, something perfect happens. Like a Valentine acrostic poem from a usually rough & rushing boy who today, spent a morning making sure his heart was perfect, and his words carefully outlined in red.

And oh, those words.

Just in case you’ve gone until now on Valentine’s Day without anyone wishing you love, let me share this perfect thought, penned by 10-year-old poet in a room smelling of chocolate kisses, magic markers, and growing up too fast:

No one is left out.
Today is the day of love –
I love you.
Nice day to love each other,
Everybody needs love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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