I can be contacted at lettergirl (@)

If you would like to send me a product to try with hopes I will write a glowing review about, please do email me. But be aware that I will a) absolutely let readers know it was a free product you wanted a review of, and b) I will be honest.  I believe credibility is the most important commodity I have to offer nice people who read my blog. I won’t be brutal just to be funny, unless your product really does suck. The good news is, if I really think your product is wonderful, I will say so and people will know I mean it.

If you want to buy some ad space, hooray for you! Email me and let’s get a discussion started.

If you think I’m funny and want to meet for coffee in real life, please email me. Fair warning, I am cooler on the Internet.

If you hate my blog and think I should be banned from the internet, please email me. I hear those kinds of things make great easy posts.

If you’re my mom and want to know why my dogs are calling each other “douche” and what that means, please do not email. Just call. I’ll walk you through looking it up on Also, I love you.

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