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Three to Share

6 Sep

Making me think:

Hi, I’m Somebody

The always-brilliant Jenn Mattern posted this week about her search for work. I do not know Jenn, just read her blog, although I invited myself to be her Facebook friend, and she was nice enough to accept. And once, when I felt really brave, I challenged her to WordTwist. She will find this silly, but I have met two Presidents (of the United States, not the local PTA),  and found it less intimidating than asking Jenn to play WordTwist. She’s just a scary good writer.

However, what I envy her even more is her ability to drop the veil and be vulnerable and transparent. I am not, even close friends will tell you, particularly good at this. My tombstone will probably read, “But she said ‘no, I’m fine.’ ” Jenn inspires me to wrestle with that.

Making Me Laugh

Don’t Even Reply

My friend Bethany shared the link to this blog recently, a guy who has made it his life’s work to respond to Craig’s List ads as if he were a raving maniac. Perhaps he is. I don’t know. The language is colorful, so please don’t click there if you are offended by such things.

Making Me Hungry

Carmelized Banana Crisp with Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream

The lovely and talented Ingrid at Baseball, Baking and Books is one of my favorite Twitter friends. I love a lot of food bloggers, but I have a sweet tooth, and I am guaranteed to be hungry every single time I click on her site. Girlfriend can dish out the goodies. Also, she was one of the first people to read my blog and welcome me to Twitter, and she is as sweet as the delectable desserts she puts on the page.

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