Today for lunch…

9 Jan

First day back after break, nervous third grader reading the televised announcements for the first time told the entire school, “today for lunch the cafeteria will be serving rotten paste bake.”

I think she meant rotini pasta.

Her description did make me wonder, though — the “cheese filling” has always seemed a little gummy.

At least paste bake would stick to your ribs.

—-  rimshot —-

I haven’t eaten school cafeteria food since the New Year. My lunches have been as follows: spinach salad no dressing, tuna or chicken breast, 100-calorie almond pack. Greek yogurt with cinnamon and three dots of honey for breakfast. Banana for snack.  Eat, rinse, repeat.

I really want to end 2014 a lot lighter than I started it, but sometimes I am not so sure I can do it.

I was thinking about that as we walked into class today, and then one kid asked, “can I turn on the announcements?” Second kid, “can I pass out papers?” Third kid, “can I go fill up your water glass at the fountain?”

And I decided not to say, “no, I’ve got it.”

I said yes, yes, yes.

And I realized something this second week of January — maybe this also needs to be the year that I finally learn there is no big accomplishment in saying “no, I can do it myself.” Perhaps it also needs to be the year I give up some control over all the little things to gain it over the big things.

First week gone, 5 pounds down.



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