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Life Sentences

6 Sep

The assignment:

Using one of these sentence stubs as a starter, write out a sentence on a strip of paper.

Once when I was little…

I wish I knew…

If I had a superpower…

I thought today…

I like…

One day I will…

We all taped them up around the room, and then walked around, reading and getting ideas for future stories.

Some were hilarious.

“Once when I was little I ate dog poo because I thought it was chocolate.”

Some, beautiful.

“Once when I was little I danced in my mother’s high heels while she smiled and watched.”

Some, amazing.

“If I had a superpower it would be telekinesis so I could clean my room without getting up.”

Some, really weird.

“Once when I was little I thought I was a werewolf because I ate like a dog and ate meat and then I thought I was a shark because I like to swim and STOP STARING AT ME.”

Some simple.

“I like strawberry ice cream because it is so sweet and cold.”

Some have me sitting at my desk long after the bell, praying for children who lay their hearts bare on strips of paper.

“I wish I knew when my mom was coming home.”

Life sentences.

What’s yours?

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