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Keep Your Shirt On, Fool

10 Jun

Oh oversharers, never change.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a friend had checked in at Houston’s airport as he headed off for a trip.

Since he used Foursquare to check in, the post popped up with a small display of other pictures also taken at that location.

Airport construction? Check. Picture of boots while waiting for the plane? Check. Stripping down and taking a picture at the aiport? Check.

Oh no you didn’t.

Airport construction? Check.

Picture of you and friend’s cool boots as you kick back chilling in the lobby waiting for your vacay? Check.

Shirtless pics in the airport bathroom? Check.

Wait, what?


Who decides “hey, I have a little time to kill before my next flight. I think I will whip off my shirt and whip out my camera!” Who??

And at first I thought there were two of them but after looking closely (only in the interest of accurate reporting), I see the two shirtless dudes are edited in one picture. Like it’s supposed to be a before and after.

Totally believable. If you did Power90X and also changed races completely, I guess that could totally be you in both pictures. SURE.

Fool, keep your shirt on and get on the plane.

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