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Stroke of Inspiration

11 Mar

Unless you’re an artist, I think we all get programmed at some point to downplay our creative abilities.

“I can’t really draw.”

“I’m not artistic.”

“I’m not very creative.”

My professor in college who taught the mandatory “art for education majors” class who said we should no more let kids ay “I’m not good at art,” than we would let them say “oh, I’m not good at math/reading/science.” Her point was that artistic ability was not so much some amazing gift only endowed on a few, but a skill we were all capable of developing. (Of course, we don’t develop it. Since it’s not tested. But that’s a point for another post.)

So, I was excited when I was invited by our local Pinot’s Palette franchise to participate in one of their evening classes with some of my other favorite blogging ladies. The night had a lot going for it: 1) wine 2) good friends 3) snacks… and 4) a chance to paint.

Over the three hours we were there, I did a little snacking, a little sipping, a lot of snarking and giggling, and some painting.



My final product — there in the bottom right corner — certainly isn’t going to be hanging in a museum anytime soon. But it looked ok.

Still, I was downplaying it, big time, when I had lunch with some friends a few days later. “It’s not going up in the house or anything, I said,” but it was a lot of fun and I didn’t do too bad. We should take another class.”

My friend said she wanted to go, and then said this: “but when I do it, I’m getting the frame,  putting it up in my house, the whole deal!”

I laughed at the time, but as I thought about it, realized she was exactly right. Why not? Why not celebrate a great evening with friends, a fun attempt at trying something new? Why not embrace my creative attempts instead of downplaying them?

So, I’ve got my eyes out for a frame. And in the meantime, my “Art Deco Martini” painting is hanging in the kitchen.

Note: Pinot’s Palette in San Antonio has regular classes on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays — classes are $35 for 2-hour-paintings or $35 for 3 hours, and include all your materials. You bring your own wine and snacks — and you can also set up a private party. Our teacher was warm and helpful, played great music, and made sure everyone left with a painting they were happy with. Private parties are available, too. I went as their guest for my first class, but am already planning my second. 



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