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First Assignment

9 Sep

“Draw the outline of a big letter ‘I” in your journals,” I ask them. “Now inside, fill it with sentences starting with ‘I’.”

I smile tonight, reading as they define their identities at 10, 11.

I am a big sister. I am probably going to talk too much. I am in love with the color pink because it makes me feel pretty. I am a good student. I am happy that I am in your class because you seem nice.

I am not afraid of roller coasters. I am one of my mom’s favorite girls. I am a football player. I love One Direction. I like to write my own songs. 

I laugh reading some…

I love Takis even though my mom says they are gross.  I am a little emo.

… catch my breath reading others.

I am scared to be at a new school. 

I am trying to be the best at staying on task.

I hope I can pass the test this year.

I miss my dad.

I am going to be OK.

I hate the end of the school day.

I am hoping for the miracle of a perfect year.

This is why, on Sunday nights, teachers sometimes cannot sleep. Our minds are too busy writing sentences of our own.

I am determined to give you what you need this year. I am praying for wisdom. I am hoping I am up to the task. I am so very, very glad to be your teacher.

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