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Get in the Closet

14 Mar

Do it, right now.

Go get two big boxes or trash bags or whatever and march to your closet. It’s time to Spring Clean.

You know the drill. One box/bag to give away, one that ohmygosheventhehomelessdonotneedthatTHROWITAWAY.

Now listen. Be merciless.

Those pants with the tag still on that you bought thinking they would be really cute if you lost 10 pounds? Goodbye.

The dress you wore to your brother’s wedding that would be really cute if you got it altered to fit better? He has a kindergartener now, so let the dream go.

The lime green capri pants that somehow seemed like a good idea four summers ago? They weren’t.

Every single thing that you avoid wearing because when you do, you spend all day hiking it up to cover cleavage? Either get some camis or out they go and for goodness sake, start leaning over in the dressing room to make sure you’re comfortable with your Northern Exposure.

And speaking of dressing rooms? START TRYING THINGS ON. Let’s also remove everything that you bought because it looked cute on the rack but does not look good on you. Away with those.

OK, except that $199 little black dress you scored at Tuesday Morning for $14.99. Go get that altered. It’s adorable.

Now the shoes. The ones that you can wear for 15 minutes total? Send them off to someone else. The scuffed ones that make you look like you just walked over Donner Pass and stopped to eat your kinfolk on the way? Throw them away.

Everything that, when you are standing in front of a closet full of clothes, makes you still sigh “I have nothing to wear?” Tough love, baby. Toss them. You are not going to magically start reaching for those clothes.

And then, when you are done?  Don’t go shopping.

The clothes left are the ones you are actually wearing, and unless you’re routinely having to go out naked, you don’t need more clothes, you need less crap in your closet.

The end.

Happy spring.



Lenten Prayer, Part II

10 Mar

These 40 words I pick up.

For 40 days. Continue reading

Lenten Prayer

9 Mar

These forty words I lay down

for forty days.


Flawed, imperfect, unworthy,

Not good enough,

distracted, unfocused, flighty

not living up to potential.

Temperamental, grumpy, demanding

less than they deserve

Lazy, unhealthy, fat

Stuck that way.

Exhausted, tired, behind

not running fast enough.

Too busy for laughter or grace.


I set them down, knowing they all ring both true and false.

That your sacrifice is enough to cover them.


And perhaps in 40 days I will forget

to pick them up again.








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