A Valentine’s Day Purple Heart

14 Feb

This is for you, yes you.

On a day of flowers when unwelcome weeds are choking your mind with

what ifs, why this, what next.

On a day of hearts when yours is bruised and mourning still-hard choices.

Break ups, break downs, brakes on.

A neglected arrangement on my desk has wilted and dried.

The roses, pretty for a season, now droop pathetic and sad.

Tucked beside them are some royal purple flowers, just filler when the bouquet was fresh.

But in this dried-out season when the resources seem exhausted, water cloudy — they still stand.

Resolutely beautiful, colors vibrant.

Perfect for a purple-heart Valentine.

Purple Heart

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  1. Karen February 14, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Aww. Thanks, hon.

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