The Poo Promenade

5 Feb

A dance inspired by the joys of pet ownership. Practiced since pioneer times.

Saddle up, ye kiddies and gather ’round,

For the most exciting dance in town.

All winter long, the dogs have gone,

Pooping, pooping all day long.

In the backyard cold and brown,

Leaving landmines on the ground.

Yee haw!

So grab two bags from H.E.B.

And everybody follow me.

Dip to the right, pick one up!

Dip to the left, pick one up.

Fresh ones we call Stanley Steamers,

Dried  ones look like squirrel femurs.

Dip to the left, dip to the right.

Bag those poops ’til the ground’s in sight.

Yee haw!

I know you think this is a bore,

But dadgum it, I do all the chores.

Now it’s your time to mine some poo,

Come on and sing, and mind your shoes.

Dip to the left, pick one up.

Dip to the right, pick one up.

At least a Jack Russell is the source.

It’d be much worse if we had a horse.

Yee haw!

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  1. Le'Ann February 7, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    I can hear the banjos in the background. 🙂

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