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I like it with a little old-fashioned privacy, thanks

8 Oct

It’s apparently National Oversharing Month on Facebook.

So far, I’ve been informed my friends like “it” on the kitchen counter, on their back, in the front seat of the car, on the bedroom floor, in the entryway to their house, and tossed carelessly onto the coffee table.

And you know, good for them. I applaud your embracing of your sexuality. I question the need to share it with your co-workers, teenage children, Farmville neighbors, and Bible study group, but you know, own it, ladies.

I thought about joining in the fun, update my own status with “I like it with the bedroom TV turned on the Classic Sounds from the ’80s channel real loud so my child who is pretending to be asleep but really playing with her DSi doesn’t hear anything else she needs therapy for.”

But that would be OVERSHARING. And also, apparently this is not some feminist “I like sex and I don’t care who knows it” statement. Apparently, these women are really talking about where they keep their purses (wink, wink). Not the “it” you were thinking, you filthy pervert.

And, of course, they’re doing it for a good cause: to raise breast cancer awareness.

Listen, breast cancer awareness is a worthy goal. About 207,090 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the United States this year. I’ve watched it claim lives, devastate families, leave even its survivors scarred and wondering “what if?”

What if they didn’t get it all? What if it comes back? What if the cancer’s still there?

But I  don’t get the appeal of promoting awareness with a sexual innuendo as your Facebook status. Last year about this time, a Facebook meme about “what color is your bra?” made the rounds. Again, for breast cancer awareness.

I just have to ask, what is it about breast cancer that makes us think we should join in on these “hee, hee! I made you think about sex! And boobies!” internet memes?

I don’t see the prostate cancer awareness folks starting a “mine is X inches long” trend, then saying “Oh, we’re talking about Subway sandwiches! And prostate cancer awareness.”

The heart disease folks aren’t going around posting “I like to beat it…” updates.

But apparently, we’ve decided the best way to raise awareness about breast cancer is to talk about boobies and sex —  with a thousand “that’s what she said”-style jokes as Facebook statuses.

Sorry, I absolutely don’t get how that’s supposed to help.

Here in San Antonio, we have an incredible organization called WINGS that provides mammograms and breast cancer treatment and support to women who can’t afford it. Want to make a real impact?

Skip the status update about your purse, open it up, and make a donation instead.

Texas Wings

Sorting Through

8 Oct

Clearing out, cleaning up, I come across a set of camera-phone pictures from July 4. She’d asked, or maybe he’d asked – I don’t remember which – “Can I take pictures with your phone?”

I handed it over. That night, I wanted to watch the sky, not a screen.

Now, on an October morning, I scan through the photos. Hundreds, all a second too late or too early. Showing either the beginning of an explosion, or the black sky with barely-there wisps of smoke.

Then, 153 pictures in, I find this:

Something worth remembering, worth saving, from a steamy South Texas night when we sat in our lawn chairs and watched the summer sky explode.

Something worth 153 clicks with a cell-phone camera.

Top 5 Reasons I Haven’t Posted in a Month

2 Oct

1. Working full-time now. With high-schoolers, which is RICH with posting possibilities, but you know, FERPA blah blah blah.

2. This marks my last year of school, and on my schedule this term is a creativity and the arts class which has more requirements than there are colors in the Pantone book, I am pretty sure. In addition to writing puppet shows, making collages, teaching dances, etc, we’re also supposed to be keeping a notebook and decorating it creatively. I’m thinking about just tearing out my hair and gluing it on the front as a statement piece.

3. We recently changed churches after 11 years (more on that later), and the new congregation has been very focused on getting everyone involved right away. I went to choir practice, and before I was allowed to leave the robe mistress was whipping out her measuring tape and assigning me robe #84

My daughter’s new slogan?  “The Methodists are NOT messing around.”

4. Drama rehearsals, green belts, slumber parties, violin lessons.

5. It’s finally fall in South Texas. And too gorgeous to be inside typing.

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