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Friday Pros and Cons

16 Apr

Five little things I love today:

  • The widget on my Macbook’s dashboard that shows me the National Geographic picture of the day, and lets me click to save it as my wallpaper.
  • My yellow sage celebrating the spring rain.
  • The Hipstamatic camera application for my iPhone that puts a neat vintage spin on camera phone pictures.
  • My daughter proudly carrying in a big tri-fold project on Rachel Carson, who she chose as her research subject on important Americans because “Mom, everyone already knows about Oprah.” You hear that, Kitty Kelley? EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT OPRAH.
  • Beds magically made by children who did not need to be asked.

Three things that DO NOT PLEASE ME.

  • The fact that at least two of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse apparently spent the night in the children’s bathroom. Because seriously, HOW ELSE COULD IT LOOK LIKE THAT?
  • The dog that spent the night systematically eating all the decorations off my daughter’s sandals.
  • 18 dyed Easter Eggs that everyone said they wanted to eat… still sitting the the refrigerator.

But on balance? Happy Friday.


14 Apr

Side-street alley. Enterprising neighborhood hustlers take $10 and promise to watch your car.

No pavement, just muddy tire ruts, discards, debris: a rainbow afro wig, hubcap rusting in the mist, beer cans emptied and crumpled.

No matter to you, blooming despite it all.

Snapshots in Salvation

12 Apr


On a shuttered stretch of road, even the Pik-N-Pay has dimmed its lights for the night. School buses wait coralled like cattle, sleeping standing up.

But Lighthouse Baptist Church keeps sentry. Blinking red and bright, its marquee  testifies in all caps.


I’m tempted to lift a hand off the steering wheel to give a witness, say Amen. Preach on.

But the sign has more to say.

“April 16, 6:30 p.m.”

Good book says no man knows the hour. Lighthouse Baptist Church apparently begs to differ.

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Spring Comes

5 Apr

“What’s wrong with your little tree?”

Fair to ask. It stands, gnarled and gray.

Defiant to the birds’ chirping, sunlight’s coaxing. Continue reading

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