Go, Read Some Pretty Things

15 Mar

Some of my favorite people in the world have already taken me up on my 15-sentence challenge from the other day.

You should go read them all.

First, my mom, who is tops on the favorite people list, wrote her 15-sentence story in the comments of the challenge post. She broke some rules and stuff, but that is, in fact, what she does best. Ignores the rules that keep her from saying what she needs to say.

You can read her story about a sweet but needy elderly neighbor here, in the comments: Snow White’s Visit

Also, Bridget at The Ivey League, wrote a beautiful post about her grandfather. It is both genuine and poetic which is not an easy mix, but so is Bridget. Her post is titled: Contentment.

Debi from SA Busy Kids penned an all-too-familiar story about one of those terrible moments when we realize our children have stretched beyond our ability to protect them. She titled it “Awed,” which is appropriate. Because I am often awed by Debi.

McWhittle has a piercing post called “Red,” which somehow seamlessly works in poo-tossing monkeys in the midst of a heart-wrenching portrait of a friend in distress. Spend some time while you’re there at her blog, which is new to me, and worth a read.

And my lovely friend, Jenny, has written a charming piece called “Blue,” about her now-teenage son, remembering when he was fresh with new-baby smell and sweetness.

You know you have found your tribe when you post your homework assignment and ask “does anyone else want to do this, too?” And for no reason other than the love of writing, people say “sure!”

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  1. mcwhittle March 17, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Thanks for the kind words.. 😉


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