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Tang Toast

26 Feb

The alarm hadn’t gone off yet this morning when my husband came in, nudging me awake, and saying “hey, I need to tell you something.”

I don’t know about your life experiences, but in mine, “Hey, I need to tell you something,” is never followed by unequivocally good news. Continue reading

The Power Of Dreaming Big

25 Feb

Gordon Hartman first made his name building homes for thousands of families in South Texas. But it’s the park he built for his daughter that is a tribute to his determination, and ability to dream big.

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Split Lip

22 Feb

Today, this is what I will remember.

Picking you up at school, lip split, braces skewed.

Despite it all, you are chatting up the nurses in the clinic, regaling them with the same tale you’ll re-tell on the way to your long-suffering orthodontist.

Basketball hard to the face in PE class. Blood, tears, a nurse’s office slip prepared.

But you wouldn’t go. Not until you shot your free throws. Continue reading

What’s the Question, Again?

19 Feb

I’ve discovered in the last month that taking a philosophy class is not really conducive to humor blogging. I write what I experience, and it’s hard to find hilarity in the problem of evil. Wrestling with Theasymachus’ challenge doesn’t easily transition into comic dissections of Johnny Weir’s sequined outfits at the Olympics.

Although, really?

Forget John Locke’s classic “the Prince and the Cobbler” example. For the 21st century, let’s recast it. What if a woodland nymph woke up in the body of an Olympic figure skater. Which would he REALLY be? Athlete or sprite?

That’s funny if you’re a philosophy major. Trust me.

I tweeted to a fellow blogger the other day that I hadn’t posted in almost 2 weeks and got this response.

“Why haven’t you?”

And I replied: “Taking philosophy class. Issues my mind wrestling with not typical blog material.”

And whether accidental double-tweeting, or being deep and reflective, the answer came back again.

“Why haven’t you?”

I don’t really have an answer for that. Funny is safe, the triple axel I know I can land to polite applause. Serious is the quad that might be awesome, or might send me sprawling. Yes, we’re back to the figure skaters. That’s what’s inside my brain right now.

Philosophy and the Olympics. Socrates and Sequins. Aristotle and big air.

Sometimes, there are also LOLCats.

My point? (And yes, I have one). I don’t know why you read this blog. I’m always amazed you do, honestly. All of you: the real-life friends and the people I’ve never met. The commenters and the lurkers. The one-time visitors and those of you that click every single day.

But, after a career of answering the “Who, What, When, Where?” questions, I am finding myself these days more often wrestling with the “Why?” It’s not a comfortable process. Still, I think I have to write about it. So the blog? Maybe not bringing the funny as often, but I am going to be bringing the posting.

If that’s not your thing, I totally get it. If it is? Thanks for listening.

“Faster You Learn That, The Happier You’ll Be”

5 Feb

I am typingwritingtypingworking when the middle-school hurricane comes in and starts talking before she ever takes a breath.

“So, I was having a fight with XXXXX, and I said, ‘this is not all about you.’ ”

“And  XXXXX said, ‘yes, it is. It is ALWAYS all about me.’ ” Continue reading

Blow’d Up Good, Blow’d Up Real Good

3 Feb

First – BONUS points if you know where that headline comes from and don’t just think I’m gettin’ my hillbilly on.

Second, when I’m neglecting this blog, it’s because I am furthering my education. And, believe it or not, I’m pursuing a teaching degree. I know, it’s hard to resolve that with the grammar horrors routinely committed here. Red lines and points off everywhere.

Sentence fragments! Rambling non-sequiturs! General overuse of clichés! Informal language everywhere! Gratuitous exclamation marks! Continue reading

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