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Dos and Don’ts for Job Searchers on Social Media

29 Jan

So, I have a lot of friends who are way smarter and more accomplished than I am, including my friend Donna Tuttle, who blogs here, and also has a real job here, and also does so much to bring together a community using social media that honestly? It makes my head spin.

The other day, she asked me to make a video she could use in a presentation to college-age women in communication at Texas State University about the dos and don’ts of using social networking like Twitter and Facebook when you’re looking for a job.

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Just Keep Swimming

28 Jan

Saturday morning, the rest of the house is asleep. Even the dogs, one of whom has already claimed the pillow I vacated, just raise a canine eyebrow when I ask about going outside.

So it’s just me. And the fish. Continue reading


14 Jan

No matter how stupid his words and the the “blame the victim for wearing a short skirt so she asked for it,” mentality; he is not the issue.

“Ditto” for him.

Estimates as of today suggest 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed in Tuesday’s magnitude-7.0 earthquake in Haiti.

Associated Press Photo

Millions of survivors left homeless, without food, water, medicine.

Associated Press Photo

They are the issue.

Later, when there aren’t children laying in the streets with bulging broken limbs and no medicine to treat them, when there aren’t lines a thousand deep just needing water and food, when rescuers aren’t still frantically searching for signs of life after the rubble? Maybe then we can all have the luxury of finger-pointing and pontificating and getting angry at stupid statements.

Right now?

Help. Them.

5 “News” Items That Are Not News To Me

12 Jan

1. Mark McGwire admits he uses steroids.  Yeah, and the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man is going on Oprah next week to admit he has a carb addiction.

Dear Mark:

We knew that. Remember when you got up before Congress in 2005 and said a million times that you wouldn’t “talk about the past?” We connected the performance-enhancing dots.

Sincerely, The American Public Who is Not as Stupid as You Think

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Oh, McDonalds

11 Jan

So, one of the healthy resolutions for 2010 involves me cooking at least 5 times a week.

I should probably say “cooking” in “unnecessary quotation marks,” because I would count Ramen noodles as a victory at this point. It is not that I can’t cook. I went through a phase when I was really interested being a domestic goddess and making only homemade bread and beautiful meals that certainly did not involve things from cans.

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When the Chips are Burnt, They’re Burnt Orange.

7 Jan

A few years ago, on an ordinary July afternoon, our family was having a routine lunch at Jason’s Deli, when the most amazing not-ordinary thing happened.

We got a divine prediction: If  not from heaven, then at least from Austin.

As my husband was eating his chips, he suddenly stopped, A solitary ray of light shot through the window and illuminated one of the chips. A ray of burnt-orange light.

And he said,”I think the burn spot on this chip looks like Bevo.”

Yes, that Bevo. The beloved mascot of the University of Texas.

I wanted to laugh, but I could hear a trumpet playing “The Eyes of Texas” somewhere faintly in the distance. So, I looked.

Sure enough, the Lay’s ruffled chip had the Longhorn logo on it.

Now, I know it’s not a perfect image. Faith requires a measure of mystery. If you’re an Aggie, I’m sure you don’t see it.

 But you say poh-tay-toe chip, we said, “It’s a sign a national championship is coming. Shrine it off.”

THe chip was spared. We carefully brought it home and wrapped it in plastic. As the 2005 college football season began, the chip had a place of honor. Laugh if you like, but week after week, its oracle was verified.

Then, with 4th down and five yards to go on the final play of Rose Bowl, Vince Young impossibly scrambled into the end zone. And the Longhorns became national champions.

The University of Texas plays for the national title again tonight. The chip is long since gone. But we did make a pilgrimage to Austin this year for the first game of the season. And they haven’t lost since.

So after they win tonight? Mack Brown, you better call us with tickets for next year.

Hook ’em.

Honestly, People

5 Jan

I almost passed the comment over with a quick glance and smile.  A friend who read yesterday’s post had written one simple line.

“Aw Dawn, I love ya’ for your honesty.”

Then, I let the truth of that sink in.

I love you for your honesty.

We went to high school together, this woman and I, and were friends in a fashion. We shared activities, even sang in a small-group ensemble wearing matching shaker sweaters from the Limited. She might kill me if I posted the picture.

But then again, she’s 1,500 miles away.

1985. That's my only defense. Now you know why I love "Glee."

I liked her for her sense of humor, admired her for her talents, envied her for her blonde California girl looks. But loved her? Not really.

She seemed to me then, effortlessly popular and sure of herself. So I waded into only the shallow surf of friendship, fearing if I was a little more vulnerable, the waves might well knock me over.

And although we all cried at graduation to Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant singing “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them,” after we headed off to college, I didn’t give her another thought. I’m sure she felt the same.

But as our 25th high school reunion approaches, this California girl and I have reconnected on Facebook. She’s clearly made a deal with the devil and has become even more spectacularly beautiful. But whether age has made me wiser or keyboards make me braver, I find myself not so intimidated these days.

So in a handful of emails and instant messages and status comments, we’ve both waded step by step into the waters of authenticity. Traded stories and prayer requests. Dropped pretenses. Picked up not where we left off, but at a new place where we can be genuine.

I still like her because she’s funny. Still admire her because she’s talented and accomplished. Still envy her gorgeousness and wonder if she’d give me the devil’s number.

But now, more than all those things?

I love her for her honesty.

I don’t want to get all preachy, but you know, that’d be a great resolution for 2010. Let people love you because you’re honest. Stop trying so hard to be who you think you should be, and be who you are.

I know I Corinthians 13:12 is talking about our relationship with God when it says “For now we see in a glass, dimly, but then face to face.”

But we spend a lot of time, it seems to me, making sure the only way anyone sees us is dimly, through a fog. If in heaven, all our perfect relationships are transparent, why not get out the glass cleaner and work on getting that mirror as see-through as possible here on earth?

Just listen to it again, and tell me it’s not worth a try.

I love you for your honesty.

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