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15 Sep

The purse analysis I artfully provided for Janelle earlier this week sparked a follow-up request from my friend Elizabeth, who wanted to know “What’s on your bedside table? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Now, the last time that line actually worked on me, it was uttered by a boy in my kindergarten class. That trip to the supply closet did not go well. Neither did my trip home after the parent-teacher conference that ensued. Oh look, day 15 of blogging every day and we have a complete failure of my internal filter. That’s awesome.

Anyway, back to Elizabeth’s question. Unlike that boy in kindergarten, I think she has nothing but the purest intentions.

So, here is a picture of what’s on my bedside table.


  • My alarm clock, which is industrial-strength since I have worn out 2 snooze buttons on previous alarms.
  • A milk-glass lamp that was my grandmother’s.
  • A copy of The Go-Giver, which I read last week. It was a schmaltzy parable, and I am a wee bit cynical, but I still thought it had some interesting points.
  • An olive oil candle
  • Envelopes from the Emily Morgan Hotel where we had my daughter’s slumber party last weekend. I’m going to mail her and her friend the pictures I took in the pilfered envelopes.
  • The little plastic jar on top of the book used to have 50 pairs of disposable ear plugs in it, because I am the world’s lightest sleeper. I have one pair left.
  • There’s also a highlighter in the jar and some blister treatment for a football-related injury I received weekend before last. Ok, I wore new shoes to the Texas game without socks. It was a long walk to the top of the stadium.
  • On the bottom shelf, there are 4 books: The Bible, a study guide for a sermon series we were doing at church called The StoryTwilight and a travel guide to Wyoming.
  • Finally, a little painting of some wildflowers in a vase that my mom painted me. She is an amazingly talented artist and an even more gifted mother.

Ok, your turn. What’s on your bedside table? Elizabeth wants to know.

6 Responses to “Tabled for Discussion”

  1. Suziwong66 September 16, 2009 at 8:46 am #

    Whilst i may have shared the contents of my handbag/purse if coaxed enough there is NO way on earth that i’d take a picture of my bedside table: some things need to stay private between a gal and her Elvis ;P

  2. armymamma September 16, 2009 at 10:48 am #

    We are currently staying in Army lodging while we wait for housing, so the collection is especially random.

    1. Alarm clock
    2. Ancient Corded phone that won’t dial out
    3. Obnoxious bird alarm clock that my son HAD to
    have off of the 80% off table at Cracker Barrel,
    which he continually resets to go off at random
    times, last night it was 1 am.
    4. A container of fish food
    5. A one galon glass jar with the kids’ fishie in it,
    this was a huge upgrade from the 1 pint jar he
    traveled in on our trip from Seattle to Kentucky.
    6. Army Lodging directory.
    7. 4 pairs of shoes on the shelf below the table.

    8. An empty bottle of Special K protein shake
    (trying to lose the 10 pounds I gained on this

  3. lettergirl September 16, 2009 at 10:50 am #

    Suzy, come on, liven up the lists here! LOL
    Armymamma, my son is always doing the random alarm clock thing with the one in his room. Which he sleeps through. But of course, I do not!

  4. queenofhaddock September 16, 2009 at 11:05 am #

    When I bought bedside tables this time, I got ones with doors to hide all my crap. Which was great in theory, but I still have loads of crap on top of the closed door table:
    -really cheap travel clock(I don’t like clocks that glow because I can’t get to sleep without total darkness)
    -an old corded phone(that also doesn’t dial out…how many phones are there like that in the world?)
    -the TV remote I oh-so-smoothly stole from my husband yesterday
    -“The Book Thief” (a really good book that I’ve started 3 times and keep getting distracted…)
    -a book of CDs
    -my cell charger
    -a list with some phone numbers on it
    -4 big girl hair twisties
    -a baker’s dozen little girl hair twisties
    -A LOT of dust

  5. Shelley September 16, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    I’ve got a weird list, but here’s a few.

    9 books, 2 are nonfiction.
    Bag of prunes. (I’ve really gotta clean up around here)
    Container of Tennis balls
    Big Tub of shea butter from my mom.
    Tid Pen
    Basket with Candles
    Dog antibiotics
    landline phone charger
    landline phone (not on charger)
    CBS study guide
    Stack of business cards
    remote control
    Shout advanced spray gel
    Blue Sharpie fineline marker
    white cardboard magazine holder stuffed with Smithsonian and weight watchers magazines.
    mix CD with scratches
    Half full water bottle.
    White double gourd lamp

    The other side table is just a mess. 🙂

  6. lettergirl September 16, 2009 at 11:06 pm #

    Shelley, you and your bedside table need to meet Janelle and her purse! =)

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